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1851 - 1929

Elizabeth was living at 7 Court, Chapel Street, Wicker, when she gave birth to her son Thomas Marsh Crossley in 1886.  Because there was more than one Chapel Street in Sheffield, this lead to confusion and its name was changed to Chatham Street in the same year.  Until the railway came and the passenger station was built, Chapel Street was a narrow thoroughfare with many shops and houses.  The passenger station on the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincoln Railway was at the opposite corner at the bottom of Chapel Street before it was converted into the goods station on the opening of Victoria Station in 1851.  The road that crossed it was called Cross Chapel Street, and was renamed Swinton Street.


Courts and yards were often confined, with little sunlight or air.  Back-to-back was a common type of building.  These houses were often dark, dirty, damp and overcrowded.  Broken and dirty windows were stuffed with rags or pasted over with brown paper.  The general appearance of dilapidation was made worse by apathy and carelessness.  In the yards, one tap often supplied many houses, ashpits overflowed, and shared earth closets were inadequate and insanitary.


There were many anomalies in the numbering of houses in courts.  The old courts behind the main streets would be numbered 1,3,5 etc. on one side of the street and 2,4,6 etc. on the other side.

At the corner of Chapel Street and Rock Street was the Bridgehouses Chapel, erected in 1795.  At the bottom of Chapel Street there were several shops and public houses.  One, the Union Inn, had a sign of clasped hands and was nicknamed the ‘Shake Hands’.


It was here, too, that Sheffield’s early efforts to install cleanliness into Sheffield folk was furthered.  The first public swimming and slipper baths in Sheffield were opened at the corner of Corporation Street and Mowbray Street.

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Chapel Street corner of Cross Chapel St

Looking towards Bridgehouses and the Corporation Street public baths at the bottom of the hill, 1939