This page is a collection of photographs from my family album that may be of interest to local people.  Many people have kindly identified people and places for me - please get in touch if you can help.

Most of these photographs will have been taken locally in and around Stocksbridge.


Click on a photograph to enlarge and see comments, and please get in touch if you can add any names or places ....

Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir
Bolsterstone MVC at the Porter's Lodge, Bolsterstone
The choir was formed in 1934; this photograph was possibly taken in 1947.
Back row L-R: George Wainwright, Eric Firth, Vin Hardesty, Brook Donkersley, Tom Wainwright, Len Creswick, Eric Cooke
Bottom row L-R: Kenneth Hodgkinson, Frank Copley, Cyril [or Robert?] Broadhead, Willis Hague, ? , Tommy Cooke, ? , Brian Hodgkinson (cobbler), Arnold Firth, Ashby Helliwell
Photograph by George H Dawson, Burncross, Chapeltown
Group of men, Castle Inn
Taken in the tap room of the Castle Inn, Bolsterstone.
L-R: Willis Hague, Ashby Helliwell, Reg. Rutherford, Vin Hardisty, Ernest Wainwright?, Brook Donkersley.
Man behind the bar could be Ernest Fisher.
Air Raid Patrol
Brook Donkersley, second from the left. As a butcher, he was exempt from call-up during WW2, and served in the ARP. This looks as if it could be a photo of them, as there are two Warden hats on the counter. Are they carrying gas masks? The man third from the right looks like my grandad - I wonder if if was his brother Bill/William Donkersley?
2nd from right: Michael Lindley?
Brook Donkersley
Brook in his ARP uniform at Glebelands Road.
Mystery photo
I have no idea about this one. The gent in the centre holding the stick could possibly be Brook Donkersley the elder (born 1851) - see next photo.
Brook Donkersley senior
Born 1851 in Honley.
Some Donkersleys at a hunting camp
R-L: Brook (1851), Norman (1880), Wilfred (1877). Possibly in a game keeper's pheasant-rearing field. Broody hutches behind and egg-collecting trugs; eggs were usually hatched by chickens.
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