Broomhead Mill Inn

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The Broomhead Mill Inn was a small wayside public house near the hamlet of Wigtwizzle, about a mile from Bolsterstone. It was a lonely building, standing in a deep valley on the edge of Broomhead Moors, and there was no other habitation within half a mile. A man was killed there in 1855, and the newspapers reported that the pub was remote and isolated, its interior accommodation very sparse, and that, over the years, the bleak weather that came in off the moors had almost obliterated the sign which denoted its name. It opened in about 1833 and closed in 1856 when its licence was rescinded.

Unfortunately, there is no known photograph of the Broomhead Mill Inn. The 1855 Ordnance Survey Map shows the location of the Mill House and pub, with a footpath running from the pub to the mill itself. The corn mill is now submerged by Broomhead Reservoir and the mill house has been demolished. There is a new road which runs alongside the reservoir, and the mill house stood where there is now a junction at Mill Lane and New Road.

The miller Ellis Jackson was the landlord

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