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Rugby Club

Thank you to everyone who has contributed photographs so far - please get in touch if you have any that you think would be of interest to others.

Rugby Club completed clubhouse, Mick Gri

Stocksbridge Rugby Club, Manchester Rd.  Click on a photo to enlarge it and for more information.

The Rugby Club was originally a Chapel, known as the Stocksbridge West End Primitive Methodist Chapel.  It was built in 1866, the frontage was remodelled in 1959, and it celebrated its centenary in 1966.

The old Chapel was completely gutted and the inside rebuilt.  On the Working Party photograph you can see one of the steel joists that was put in to support the upstairs floor. Originally the floor sloped from front to back.  The men did all the work themselves, sometimes hundreds of hours of labour, but as Mick Gribbins says, it was a labour of love.

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