My grandad, Brook Donkersley (1906 - 1976), was involved with both Stocksbridge and Hillsborough Motor Clubs, and loved his cars and motorbikes, as well as the horses that preceded them, which were used to make deliveries from the family's butchers shop.

Brook Donkersley
Brook is standing in front of the horse and cart - I don't know who the girl is
KY 1410
Austin 7 probably RP Saloon c1933 or 1934
Brook Donkersley
Austin 7
Austin 7, Wings Museum, Sussex with similar registration to my grandad's
Austin BWU 783
Pre-1939 Austin 10
Brook Donkersley driving
Two random cars
Thomas Marsh Crossley (Brook Donkersley's father in law) with my mother Margaret Claire Donkersley.
Slight differences between this and the Austin BWU 783
Austin BWU 783, Brook on the right
Brook Donkersley on the right, unknown man in Plus-Fours on the left
Austin BWU 783
Brook Donkersley - wearing a beret!
Rover EYG 244, in May 1949
Rover P2 or 3 model, and a Six light due to 3 windows either side. Going to Oxford. Brook Donkersley with his daughter Margaret in the front seat
Rover EYG 244
1950. Brook Donkersley and his daughter Margaret en route to Oxford.
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